Hello! My name is Nicole Kirby, I’m from Hollyweird, FL. I’ve lived in Tallanasty and currently reside in Orlando. I love this bizarre state with my whole heart and I want to tell you why.

Do you live in Florida? Are you vaguely worried that all of your neighbors are cranky retirees*, literal alligators, and/or people that voted for Donald Trump? Do you enjoy Florida-inspired travel, culture and style? Do you feel like the only one in the entire State who does? Or do you doubt that such a thing even exists?

If you answered yes to any of the above – FEAR NOT, fellow weirdo. Because here’s the thing – there are pockets of Florida that are legitimately, for lack of better term, cool.

This is a swamp ethereal. There is magic in all this heat and muck and moisture. Floridians live in a place that is largely inhospitable to human life but for the grace of air conditioning (and God, and the sins of our forefathers). With the weight of our heavy history, surrounded by the casual chaos of modern life, we refuse to give up on this drowning peninsula. We live and work and play here as if it’s not ephemeral. How inspired and how weird is that?

This is for the Floridian who even kind of understood anything I just said. The Floridian that enjoys street art, sustainable practices, live music, absurd dive bars, or political commentary that’s equal parts head and heart. The curious Floridian, the eclectic Floridian. The Floridian who knows there’s more to life than our benevolent overlord, the Mouse who shall not be named.

If that sounds like you, welcome home. It’s about damn time.

And if it’s not – you’re welcome to join us off the beaten path anytime.

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*Old people are really cool and I felt bad playing on this stereotype! Call your grandparents!