4 Florida Fall Moments

Hey world, whats up? I’ve been kind of getting ready for winter hibernation and this post is really going to show that. I started writing this whole essay, In Defense of Rest, but I figured I would just tell you about some Florida things I’ve done recently instead. Because 1000 words on rest, grieving, and gratitude at year’s end is just kind of tedious, right? Right. Let’s do a listicle instead. 

1. Florida State Won its Last Home Game and We Are Really Going to Have to Savor That For a While

My friend Jon texts me on Monday – hey do you want to see Third Eye Blind this Saturday? I’m like yeah sure, that sounds ridiculous, let’s do it. Jon invites me to especially random stuff, for example, we once went to a balloon glow in Atlanta for no reason at all. I drove a collective 12 hours for a 30 second tethered hot air balloon ride. Who does that? But I also experienced a cool city and fell in love with his niece and nephew. What I’m saying is, when your  friend invites you to some weird thing you’d normally never do, just do it. It’ll be fun for reasons you don’t expect.

When I got to Tallahassee on Friday, Jon’s like sorry dude, Third Eye Blind is playing RIGHT NOW. Do you want to go? I’m like no man, I just drove 4 hours to get here and I’m beat. He’s like yeah I feel that, let’s just go to the game tomorrow. We ended up binge-watching The Morning Show and now I want Apple TV and Jennifer Aniston’s luminous skin.

Do you like my “Dad hat”? That’s what Jon called it.

There is really nothing like being back at your alma mater, even if the football team is bad. Honestly I prefer it that way because now I can afford tickets. We played Alabama State University, an HBCU with a marching band that has a killer hype man.

We also saw Jojo Rabbit, and now I’m obsessed with Rainer Maria Rilke. Before I left Jon said I should get Lucky Goat, the best coffee in Tallanasty. I wasn’t going to but as I was leaving, I realized I just had have a cute Lake Ella moment. It was really fun to buy presents at Quarter Moon Imports, a store I loved and hilariously could not afford in College. 10/10 would suggest going to your college town and hitting up your favorite store with adult money.

2. Burrow Press released Bright Lights, Medium-Sized City and I read 614 Pages in a Weekend

So my other friend Alex texts me, he’s like hey, want to write something for this magazine? I’m like yeah, sure, what should I write about? He’s like, whatever you want, as long as its arts and culture and involves Central Florida. I’m like great, I can write about Bright Lights, Medium-Sized City — it is apparently THE Orlando novel. But the deadline was super close, so I literally read this PORKER in a weekend. I don’t know where you can read my piece; Alex just said it was good and asked me what I wanted my byline to be. SR50 Mag is so cool I honestly don’t even know how to access it, but they have a lot of cool promos and skate videos on their instagram.

@ Foxtail

(A lot of people were also like, hey Nicole, why did you create such a stressful situation for yourself, i.e. having to read so much during your short, precious weekend? Look dude, if I had the answer to that question I could explain away all the stupid decisions I make.)

For those who don’t know, Burrow Press is an independent publisher located right here in Orlando. I found out about BP because I ran into We Can’t Help it if We’re From Florida at Park Ave CDs.

BP also has a monthly event at Lil Indies called It’s Lit. Just kidding, it’s called Loose Lips. Authors write about the events of the past 30 days. I went to the November edition, and it made me feel feelings. Everyone who read was mad talented and it was a very chill way to spend a Tuesday night. Plus, I famously love Lil Indies. Here’s info for the December edition.

3. My Mom Made Saturday Really Wholesome and Cute

My mom and I have had a really tough year in terms of what is going on in our lives. Fortunately, we have each other and we are best friends, like Lorelai and Rory in Gilmore Girls. Except we do not have old Connecticut money and do not talk that quickly. Actually the more I think about it, the less like Gilmore Girls we are, but we are best friends. 

We had a VERY Orlando day, including the Fall Fiesta @ Lake Ella, brunch @ Maxine’s on Shine (which is not my favorite food but is definitely my favorite name), Christmas decoration shopping, yoga at Project 7, cooking dinner together (aw) and watching Dr. Thorne, because shows like that are just kind of our thing. She really wanted to help me write a blog post, so she insisted on taking pictures of everything because she is so adorable. 

4. The Grasshopper and the Ant, aka Someone Drive Me to Saint Pete

So this one is actually just an art exhibit I really want to go to but haven’t actually been to yet, mostly because after that Tallahassee drive I do not have another road trip in me.

From MFA St. Pete’s site:

A neo-Victorian, a creator of unexpected experiences, and a visionary artist who twists the familiar into the unsettling, Jennifer Angus (b. 1961) challenges our perceptions and expectations by working in an unusual medium: dried, exotic insects. Her site-specific installations often incorporate large, brilliantly-colored insects into elaborate patterns inspired by Victorian wallpaper and 19th-century book illustration – always to dramatic and startlingly beautiful effect.

Museum of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg

Sounds really cool, right? I want to see some bug art and think about Aesop’s fable and see how this artist turns it on its head. What is the role of the artist in society, how do we view it and why? What is productivity really? And aren’t we more than that?

Rest up this winter, my friends. It’s okay to hibernate. I’ll be taking a small hiatus from posting and have some awesome guest writers lined up. You will love them.

Here’s some Rilke:

Nicole Kirby

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